Superyacht propulsion systems

Superjacht voortstuwing is een integraal onderdeel van het ontwerpen en bouwen van luxe jachten die moeiteloos en comfortabel over de uitgestrekte oceanen navigeren. Een voortstuwingssysteem genereert de benodigde kracht om deze kolossale jachten door het water te bewegen. Er zijn verschillende voortstuwingssystemen beschikbaar, elk met zijn eigen unieke sterke en zwakke punten.

Superyacht propulsion systems

Superyacht propulsion is an integral component of designing and constructing high-end yachts that effortlessly and comfortably navigate the vast oceans. A propulsion system generates the necessary force to propel these colossal yachts through the water. Various propulsion systems are available, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses.

Among the most favored superyacht propulsion systems are diesel engines, gas turbines, and electric motors, which offer varying degrees of speed, efficiency, and range. Additionally, novel and innovative propulsion technologies, such as hybrid systems that merge different power sources, are in development to boost efficiency and performance further.

Regardless of the propulsion system used, superyacht propulsion is crucial for creating a vessel that fulfills the expectations of its owners and guests who desire to luxuriously explore the world's oceans. With advancements in technology and design, superyacht propulsion systems are increasingly becoming more efficient, eco-friendly, and dependable, making them an essential component of the contemporary superyacht industry. 


Why choose Blokland’s superyacht propulsion systems?

Blokland is one of the leading manufacturers of superyacht propulsion systems, providing high-level, custom-engineered solutions to meet the unique needs of discerning yacht owners. 

Our super yacht propulsion systems are widely recognized as the best in class, offering exceptional quality, low maintenance requirements, and outstanding performance. Our superyacht propulsion systems provide several advantages, including:

  • Noise control and low vibration: Our propulsion systems ensure that yacht owners and guests enjoy a peaceful and comfortable onboard experience.
  • Complete superyacht propulsion solutions: We provide the complete propulsion solution, including propellers, shafts, stern tubes, flexibele couplings, thrust bearings, engine mounts and numerous calculatons ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. We deliver propulsion systems for scope yachts up to 70 meter.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to innovation, evident in our cutting-edge designs and the use of the latest technologies to create propulsion systems that are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Custom solutions: Our custom solutions are engineered using advanced 3D design software to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance, making our propulsion systems a top choice for yacht builders and owners looking for the best possible performance and reliability.

In summary, our superyacht propulsion systems are the best in class, offering exceptional quality, low maintenance, outstanding performance, noise control, and low vibration. Our complete propulsion solutions, innovative approach, bespoke design, and custom engineering capabilities make us a top choice for yacht builders and owners who demand the best propulsion solution for their superyacht. Thereby we deliver propulsion systems for scope yachts up to 70 meter.

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