Bearings are used to support propeller and rudder shafts and are an important part of a propulsion system. Therefore, we only use and produce the best bearings available. We have several types of bearings, all depending on the system which is best suitable for your application.

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Rubber bearings (water lubricated)

We have a large stock of rubber bearings to support propeller-, cutter- and pump shafts. The relative soft and resilient rubber compound of these bearings guarantees the best results in terms of reduced noise and vibration and a long pollution free service life. Most standard rubber bearings for shaft diam. ø20 up to ø180mm are available from stock. We can also supply flanged rubber bearings (flanged shell). Relining of used rubber bearings (reline) is possible from shaft diameter ø100mm and bigger.

We are also producing and delivering oil lubricated bearings, grease lubricated bearings, composite bearings and many more. Please contact us for our possibilities.

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