Shaft couplings

We are using several shaft couplings for a best result on board your vessel. We are using flexible couplings, Aquadrives and Propflex units.

The VULKAN Megiflex-BT

A flexible coupling provides a flexible connection between the shaft and gearbox. This will reduce noise and vibration on board and is damping torsional vibrations. The VULKAN Megiflex-BT is available from 194 Nm up to 8125 Nm. The Megiflex-BT uses dedicated rubber elements to effectively dampen noise and vibrations and relatively flexible. The Megiflex-BT has proved its quality in many applications.



The Aquadrive anti-vibration system will help you enjoy the peace and quiet of boating. By isolation the engine from the rest of your boat, noise and vibration are greatly reduced. Most installation result in 50% or more reduction in cabin or cockpit noise and vibration. Also wear and tear on the transmission and cutlass bearings will be minimized.


The PROPFLEX T is well used in yachts and commercial vessels and is an excellent solution to reduce noise and vibration. The PROPFLEX T is the combination of a flexible and propeller thrust absorption coupling. The PROPFLEX T coupling is a flexible coupling whereby the torque transmission is compensated by rubber bushes. The thrust bearing can be aligned with RotaChocks to make sure that the thrust bearings is perfect in-line with the stern tube. The PROPFLEX-T in combination with RotaChocks is the most optimal solution for super yachts and commercial vessels.

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