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We calculate, advice and supply several propellers for your specific project. We have a long experience in calculating your optimal propeller. High quality and optimal performance are part of our standard which results in optimal performance with as less noise and vibration as possible We deliver fixed pitch propellers, folding propellers and feathering propellers. Fixed pitch propellers are commonly used on Motor Yachts and commercial vessels, whereby the folding and feathering propellers are supplied to sailing yachts.

Max Prop propellers are feathering propellers and will increase the sailing speed by sailing yachts with about 15%. Max Prop propellers also have a remarkable reverse power, which is 80% greater than a comparable fixed pitch propeller. This gives the Max Prop the same propeller efficiency in reverse as in forward. The pitch is adjustable on all Max Props, which allows you to optimize the propeller pitch to achieve maximum efficiency.


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