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Blokland Non Ferro BV calculates, advises and supplies the optimal propeller for any kind of boat or vessel. Our specialists have long experience (over 20 years) in calculating the optimal propeller, also for your vessel, since every vessel has a different optimal propeller.

Blokland Non Ferro BV delivers high quality propellers. Standard finish is according to ISO 484/2 class I. Most propellers are casted in bronze. Two alloys are commonly used. The most common used material is Mn-bronze. This is a strong and elastic material which is easy to repair. The propeller can also be delivered in NiAl-bronze material. This alloy is approx. 40% stronger and much better corrosion resistant. NiAl-bronze material must be applied in case of an aluminium hull.

Download our Propeller calculation questionnaire (pdf).

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