Cathodic protection

In order to protect metal parts under water, cathodic protection by means of anodes is necessary. We recommend zinc anodes for use in salt water and magnesium anodes for use in fresh water. Aluminium anodes are suitable for both types of water. Blokland offers a broad range of several types of zinc, aluminium and magnesium anodes, such as hull anodes with welding strips or bolting holes, or shaft anodes, and rod anodes. We also provide made-to-measure anodes. We will be more than glad to inform you about the different possibilities.

Zinc rods
Zink rods are used for cathodic protection of U-tube coolers and boxcoolers. The rods have 3/4" sockets. They are demountable above the water line. Standard delivery includes lengths of 60 mm and 600 mm. Other lengths may be supplied upon request.


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