Lost wax casting method components

Blokland is cooperating with a specialized investment casting foundry, using the 'lost wax' or 'precision casting' method. Additionaly we offer heat treatments, precision machining, surface treatments and assembly. Silica sol and sodium silicate lost wax processes are being used to serve a huge variety of markets that require metal parts in stainless steel, heat-resistant steel alloy, carbon steel, bronze and aluminum. The lost wax method is also interesting for small series.

​The components are used in heat treatment equipment, marine hardware, construction, pipe fittings, pumps, valves, automotive, chairlifts and all kinds of special machinery. The anannual manufacturing capacity is up to 500 tons. We guarantee quality raw material sourcing, packing and shipment. All performed using advanced equipment and with an experienced working team. The factory has established an exact QA system which enables us to continuously meet our customers’ demands for high quality castings and technical services.


The investment casting process, which also is known as the lost-wax or precision casting process, is a very old technique which initially was used to cast art objects. Today investment casting is recognized and applied worldwide as a technique for producing 'near net shape' parts at very competitive cost. There are many reasons to choose for investment castings over other processes, the main reasons are:

  • Design freedom 
  • High surface finish
  • Close tolerances
  • Reduced tooling and machining costs
  • Wide variety of alloys



Because the investment casting process delivers parts which have high dimensional accuracy, it’s possible to accomplish significant savings through elimination of machining operations, increased tool life, reduction of labor cost and reduced scrap rate. Reducing traditional finishing such as machining or grinding can sometimes eliminate more than two-thirds of the production costs. In some cases one investment casting replaces several other components which were manufactured with different processes and in different materials.


If consistency has ever been a problem with other processes, investment casting is consistent from run to run within the casting tolerance. Don’t worry about tooling wear, changes in dimensions, or other problems associated with alternative processes. Using investment castings you’ll get identical dimensions month anfter month, year after year, up to ten years.