Plate Heat Exchangers

The Plate Heat Exchanger consists of a pack of heat transfer plates, with port holes, compressed by the frames and tightening bolts. The plates are made of pressed sheet metal with a corrugated pattern. The corrugated plate channel are designed to achieve maximum heat transfer. Each plate is provided with an elastomeric gasket which seals between channel and directs the fluids into alternate channel.

Plate Heat Exchanger are designed for maximum flow rate by minimizing pressure loss in the port hole and plate channel. The plates are hung on the upper guide bar and is tightened between the stand (fixed frame) and the end plate (movable frame). The fluid flows through a narrow space between the plates and heat is exchanged across the plate surfaces. In the plate heat exchanger, the fluids can travel in various directions of flow, such as looped, in series of plates.

Heating, interchanging, cooling and heat recovery for liquid/liquid and steam/liquid.


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