Coolers with ICAF

Blokland Non Ferro have formed an alliance with Cathelco, world’s leading manufacturer of anti-fouling, to develop a range of anti-fouling systems which are specifically designed to provide the maximum level of effectiveness.

When operating in seawater the boxcoolers can protected against biological fouling by an ICAF system (Impressed Current Anti Fouling). An ICAF system exists of copper anodes and steel cathode plates which are placed in the seachest,directly under the boxcooler. The anode is connected to a electric control panel. Theconstant current will dissolve the copper in the seawater. The copper ions will create a unattractive environment for biological fouling.

Anode replacement intervals can be designed to coincide with the vessel’s dry-docking schedule or the service period of the box coolers up to a maximum duration of 5 years..


  • Even distribution of copper ions along the length of the box cooler for greater effectiveness.
  • Cathode plate ensures a uniform wear pattern along the length of the anode.
  • Systems designed around dry docking schedule.
  • Cathelco can adapt anti-fouling systems to suit any size or shape of box cooler.