Bottom-type coolers

The bottom-type cooler is an ideal cooling system for pleasure craft and commercial shipping. The steel box is placed inside the vessel against the hull. After installation the hull remains flat. There are no protruding parts that may be damaged or sea-chests that can become clogged.

An additional seawater-pump is not necessary. The bottom-type cooler is easy to install. The tubebundle is removable. Bottom-type coolers are ideal for places with limited installation height. Bottomtype coolers are suitable for use in seawater, if the tube bundle is furnished with a heat cured phenolic coating.

The type 140 is provided with female threadconnections. From type 165 the bottom-type coolers are provided with flange connections. A set of counter flanges and gaskets is included. For the venting and thermosyphon circulation a thick-walled elbow is included. A rising pipe connected to this elbow must be installed under the water-line. The hole for the vent is located in the middle on the top of the box. Modifications are possible upon request. The box is standard equipped with aluminium anodes. Upon request the types 165, 200 and 230 can be supplied with a classification certificate.


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