During the last years Blokland acquired Amartech (2014), the machine shop of Exalto Proplusion (2018) and recently VMtech (2019).

These acquisitions provide Blokland Non Ferro with the facilities to offer a larger product range to its customers and to be a total supplier.


Blokland acquired the activities of VMtech at the end of January 2019. The activities will be continued by Blokland

Monday the 28th of January 2019, the agreement was signed by Corine Veenstra-Blokland and the owner of VMtech Aart Vermeij (who was also the owner and founder of Amartech), in the presence of his wife Marry Vermeij. The activities of their company will be continued by Blokland. VMtech is mainly specialised in the design and supply of Rubber Bearings and Lost Wax Metal Castings.


In October 2018 Blokland Non Ferro and Exalto Industry and trading have come to an agreement concerning the take-over of the manufacturing facilities for the propulsion systems of Exalto.

With this take-over of the machine shop, personnel and know how Blokland Non Ferro will further enhance the capacity as an all-round supplier of propulsion systems. Mid-November 2018 the machine shop has been transferred to Blokland Non Ferro in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands.


Amartech was acquired in early January 2014 by Blokland Non Ferro. In addition to coolers and heat exchangers, Blokland Non Ferro has been supplying propeller shaft- and steering systems for decades. 

Prior to the acquisition of Amartech, two former managers of Amartech were already been taken onboard; Martijn Jouwsma and Bram Fase. With them, the possibilities of developing and producing high-quality propulsion solutions within Blokland have increased drastically. Combined with Blokland’s own production facilities and modern machinery, an attractive combination of knowledge, experience and production possibilities was created. 

The acquisition of Amartech was a logical next step to further expansion. Blokland serves the market in a professional manner, with well-reputed high-quality products such as: AxiSeals, EasyStern / Optiprop propeller shaft systems, Retractable propellers, etc. The knowledge, experience and innovative strength that Amartech had built up over the years has, with the acquisition by Blokland Non Ferro, remained available to the maritime industry.  

(left to right) Daan Balk, Bram Fase, Martijn Jouwsma and Hendrik van 't Hul